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OxyPas Professional Non Safety Footwear


*Please note all styles in the OxyPas range are NON SAFETY

Footwear for Medical, Healthcare & Beauty, Hospitality, Corporate, Cabin Crew, Uniform.

The Oxypas collection offers you a wide range of clogs and medical shoes. Hospital shoes and clogs are available in all sizes and all possible models. We offer a wide range of medical shoes and clogs, all comfortable and quality, ranging from shoes and sandals for nurses. Hospital shoes and medical clogs are not necessarily supposed to be white.

That’s why at Oxypas you will find not only medical shoes and professional clogs in a more discreet white, but also patterns and bright colors. In addition, it is useful to wear hospital shoes that are washable because hygiene is essential in the medical sector. As a result, we offer hospital shoes that are both solid, washable and trendy.

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